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Vintage Portrait Event

Vintage style portraits by Cherry Bazaar Photography

Its finally here! My popular Vintage Styled Portrait Events are back this year. February 7th will be my first of several I plan on throwing in 2015. For those that have experienced this type of event, I invite you back for something NEW this time around. I am including a fully retouched mounted 8×10 archival print wrapped in a pretty gift box that can be dropped shipped to you or someone special (don’t worry the file will still be included for more printing). If you want to purchase additonal files or print products you are welcome to do so, however, only the gift print is guarranteed to arrive by Valentines day. For print/file pricing click here. For those of you who have been wanting to do this for some time but have always found an excuse not to, here is your chance. Click here to get answers to my most commonly asked questions. The location for this event will be at West Coast Martial Arts Dojo in Morgan Hill, CA. You should plan to spend up 3 hours with me between wardrobe consult, hair, make-up, and camera time. If you book with a friend you will receive $40 off both of your session fees!!! I have 5 slots available you will need to pay a deposit of $50.00 in order to reserve your spot. Click here to select your time slot and receive an invoice for the deposit, before they all fill up!!

March 6, 2016 - 3:42 pm

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Amazing giveaway from my favorite photographer!

I have studied and admired the work of Crave photography. I find her work to be stunning and am so excited to have finally saved up the money to take one of her mentoring classes this January. Apart from shooting, editing, mentoring, and designing templates for photographers, she also has amazing giveaways. I think this time she has topped, even herself with the choice of a Canon 85 mm 1.2 lens or a Nikon 85 mm 1.4 lens. Wish me the best. I hope I win!!

Vintage inspired Children Portraits

I have been so behind on my blog posts but I had to share some photos from a kids vintage shoot I did a while back. I loved the concept and hope to do more themed shoots in the future. If you are looking for some great places to find vintage inspired clothing for your little rockababies I have listed a few sites I found. If you are interested in doing a similar shoot with your children give me a call.

Girls 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s dresses
Boys Bowler shirts
Best all around, cutest rompers, bubble shorts, and boys sweaters
Fedora’s, and other cute things
Retro T’s
The most adorable 20’s and 30’s inspired clothing













Modeling do’s and don’ts: Barbara’s photo shoot

Barbara is a VIP client of mine I have photographed her several times and every time I find myself blown away by her beauty, ambition, endurance, and joy. This shoot is for her portfolio at http://home.sfcasting.com/. She wanted some corporate/catalog looking stuff (most of her stuff is too hot for the average job)! We only did 3 outfits and one set up (the woman loves her black, but who doesn’t). Here are a few of my favorites!

Are you kidding me?!!! No retouching, smoothing, blending, nada. I love her skin. She won’t mind me telling  you she is 42, yeah you can pick your jaw up off the ground now.
Can you say Cindy Crawford? This is my favorite style for hair, I am such a 90’s girl. Her hair is just fabulous, it’s like a Pantene commercial. 

This is so Macy’s catalog, I love how it looks as if she has a bounce in her step.

For those who read my last blog about Barbara, you know she is a black belt and did competition ball room. Here is one of her dance stances. This works because it is her being her. It also looks like something on an American Idol poster, lol!

I often tell my models to look into the light. This give the illusion that they are interacting with someone in the room. It makes you feel as if you are capturing a moment between two people.

Even though I chose one with the hand to face, there is nothing more feminine than a woman’s hands. Also there is a sense of comfort and sensuousness when you see a woman run her fingers through her hair. This is why clothing /lingerie models do it a lot. 
The following didn’t make the cut and I will explain why. If you are trying to get into modeling take notes. 
Ok, holding the jacket over your shoulder is typically for men models, woman have hard time pulling this off without looking masculine, also even though it feels natural to put your hand on your thigh it usually captures as if it is in your crotch, so make sure your hand is slightly on the outside of your leg.

As adorable as Barbara looks in this picture, her hand is amputated by her hair. When running your hand through your hair, make sure your fingers are showing toward camera and that you aren’t blocking your face.

In a classic Victoria’s secret pose I asked Barbara to hold her neck. It is very hard to do this while maintaining a long neck. This did not work with the jacket because it hid too much of her body. Tip, drop your shoulders and don’t hide your hand behind your back. 

This shot makes Barbara appear to be short. Her shoulders are too high. It feels coy to scrunch up your shoulders but, it doesn’t photograph well. This shot would be great if the shoulders were dropped more. 
As stunning as Barb’s face is I want to see more of it!! Looking out the corner of your eyes isn’t as sexy as it may seem. Don’t turn your head too far from camera, the first shot above is much more flattering.